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About Southern MICE Expo 2024

The Sri Lanka Convention Bureau (SLCB) is pleased to announce the Southern MICE Expo 2024, scheduled to take place from May 27th to May 31st, 2024. This innovative endeavor positions the Southern Region as the leading destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions & Events (MICE), offering a unique platform for international MICE agents and media professionals to discover its vast potential.

Following the success of the Colombo MICE Expo and the positive response from the Northern MICE Expo, the Southern Region has also been identified as an ideal hub for business tourism. Organized meticulously by the SLCB, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Lands, this initiative aims to elevate the region’s appeal.

The comprehensive four-day agenda includes an opening plenary, a dynamic business forum, B2B meetings, an elegant gala dinner, and an immersive tour of the Southern Region. The Bureau anticipates the attendance of 115 MICE buyers and media representatives from prominent international markets including India, China, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, France, UK, Turkey, Spain, UAE, Bangladesh, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, and Singapore.

B2B meetings will facilitate valuable connections between local MICE service providers – including hotels, venues, and operators – and the visiting buyers. To encourage participation, the SLCB is offering a subsidized package to MICE operators and travel agents in Colombo, inviting them to explore the Southern Region and engage in the expo’s B2B sessions.

The primary objective of the SLCB is to create an immersive experience that supports local businesses, engages with the community, and promotes sustainable growth. The SLCB offers steadfast support to foreign buyers looking to explore the Southern Region for their future MICE events.

In a rapidly evolving landscape of conventions and meetings, the SLMICE Expo 2024 aims to transcend being just an event. It strives to be a gateway to extraordinary experiences, bolstering local economies and leaving a lasting impression.

Hon. Harin Fernando,
Minister of Tourism & Lands, Sports and Youth Affairs
Ministry of Tourism and Lands together with Sri Lanka Convention Bureau takes pride in showcasing the Southern Province as a promising destination for MICE; Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

In a world where the business events are rapidly changing, the Southern MICE Expo 2024 aspires to be more than just an event which will serve as the gateway to unparalleled experiences, supporting local economies and leaving a lasting impact to all event stakeholders.

Mr. H.M.B.P. Herath
Ministry of Tourism and Lands
Southern MICE Expo 2024 will help to uplift the economy and will become a catalyst for positive change in addition to its cultural and historical significance, natural beauty, budget and affordability, novelty and accessibility.

I trust that Southern MICE Expo 2024 will be an excellent platform to local and foreign tourism service providers to Connect, Network, Grow and to experience what the destination can offer for the MICE traveler.

Mr. Thisum Jayasuriya, Chairman,
Sri Lanka Convention Bureau

Thisum Jayasuriya, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau, remarks “the Southern Region, with its distinctive blend of vibrant culture and coastal beauty, provides an idyllic MICE destination – with immense potential to reach the world through people’s social media feeds.

Additionally, with sustainability being at the core of what we do, our focus lies in uplifting local economies and leaving a lasting and prosperous impact on local businesses. We have started hosting expos in various parts of the island not only to highlight that particular region but also to facilitate in uplifting the local economy.

We are moving away from the traditional way of doing things and offering more immersive experiences that include local businesses and communities. The SLCB extends its fullest support to any international agent who is interested in participating in this event.”